La Mirada

La Mirada Creek Park, in southeastern Los Angeles County

La Mirada

One of the shortest trails listed on this web site, but so pretty that it’s worth noting anyway. There have been plans to expand it, but so far, the path runs for only a mile or so alongside La Mirada Creek, in a parklike setting that incorporates the attractive civic center and Biola University.

Thomas Guide, 707, 737.

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Like Claremont, Duarte and Yorba Linda, La Mirada is one of the little cities that just seem to care . . .

They do nice things for their inhabitants, like building this pretty little park.


  1. Tiffany

    We rode this path this morning. “We” includes 2 7-yr olds. Great little bike ride!

  2. Scruffy Squirrel

    See “Scruffy Squirrel” on Facebook for pictures, etc.

    This was Scruffy Squirrel. He (or she?) lived happily in beautiful La Mirada Creek Park, in La Mirada California. He was always happy to see me and many others who walked through the park each day. In his short life he (or she) never harmed or threatened anyone, but brought happiness to many people.

    However, now Scruffy is rotting in his den, POISONED by the city of La Mirada. The rest of his family and friends are also dead. Walking by the area where he used to joyfully romp brings sorrow at his absence. The stench of death and flies that hung in the air for many days are now gone, but the park is a grim and lonely place without him and his friends. He is missed by many.

    Should you feel the same as I do about this, here is how to let them know how you feel !

    These people at the city need to know that people care, and really appreciate being around cute little animals in a natural setting.

    La Mirada EMAIL – [email protected]
    La Mirada Administrative Offices (714) 994-6150
    La Mirada Parks Phone (562) 943-7277

    Don Knabe
    County Supervisor, Fourth District
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Facebook – SupervisorKnabe

    If you want to help me make Scruffy’s plight known, and help prevent future problems, please ask to be a friend. Scruffy was a friend to the world, we owe it to him.

    Regretfully yours, Scruffy’s friend…

  3. Roz

    Hi, I’m not clear where this path is exactly. Looking for where it starts and where it ends. I grew up in La Mirada. I looked at the picture. It looks like Creek Park. Can you please let me know, I would like to take my son. Thank you.

  4. Andrew

    Nice short ride. Thanks for posting the easy to follow details.


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