Orange Line Bike Path

Just west of Fulton in Van Nuys, near LAVC, I’m told that there is a bike path – Is it called the Orange Line Bike Path?

I’d love to get some photos and info up about it. Would anyone like to contribute?


  1. Ashley

    Just look on youtube. People have posted videos about it.

  2. Robert Cable

    The Orange Line Bike Path runs from Canoga Ave to just before Coldwater where you jump on a bike lane on Chandler. The path picks up again in North Hollywood.

    Between Sepulveda and Woodman, the path becomes pretty gnarly as it is now pretty much a shanty town. There are tents, garbage human waste, and intoxicated people all over there. I’ve ridden past fights, over syringes, dodged shopping carts and thru broken glass. Just west of the 405 there is no night lighting… so it too can be pretty dangerous if you are riding after dark. The other sides of the path, west of White Oak and east of Woodman, are clean, well maintained and properly lit. Just be warned of the Van Nuys part is all…

    • Scott

      Yep, that’s a good map thank you


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