Yorba Linda

An excellent network of bike and equestrian trails

Yorba Linda
Cycle through horse country, back yards, etc. – quite different.

There’s LOTS more to these trails than this map shows. Send for your own city map & guide from the YL Chamber of Commerce: 714.993.9537.

(And, don’t forget the easy connect to the Upper Santa Ana River Trail.)

Thomas Guide, p 740.

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Bike Lane

Horse Country, with Shopping Centers

Yorba Linda, of course, is the birthplace of Richard Nixon; the bike trail goes right past his birthplace and the Nixon Library.

The proximity of horses always generates lots of white fences, which makes for pretty scenery, especially where there’s irrigation to keep the flora green.

Nixon Birthplace & Library Park near Community Center

Yorba Linda Blvd. lightThe City of Yorba Linda is to be congratulated on creating these wonderful right-of-ways for recreation, exercise, and transportation. If you want to travel by horse or bicycle, there are paths to get just about anyplace you want to go.
This bike path is unique, in that it does not go along a river or around a lake or pond — in fact, except for a narrow irrigation ditch near Imperial Highway, there’s almost no water at all. There is, however, a longstanding farming tradition; you’ll see goats, chickens, horses, and orchards along the route. (There’s apparently a railroad tradition too.) In other words, you really feel you’ve gotten away from it all when you travel this bike path.


  1. Olivia

    I rode the Yorba Linda Recreational Trail and took several videos to share with the public. This trail is amazingly hidden away and you can take either your mountain bike or road bike on this trail!

    • Allan Keating

      I am staying in Yorba Linda in Vista del Mar. I’d like to see videos and clarify whether I can cycle on the white fenced paths.

  2. Bennie

    My family and I get this discussion even before Yorba Linda – L.
    A. Bike Paths. We are in Orange County|an Orange County properties.


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