Short and Sweet

Short, but cute!

A flat, easy and pretty two-miles alongside Royal Oaks Drive, in a residential area with horses, trees, and lots of shade. The eastern end of the route winds up in little Royal Oaks Park, where you can keep going another few blocks and hit the Upper San Gabriel and Santa Fe Dam recreation area and connect to the Upper San Gabriel River Trail.

Thomas Guide, p. 568.

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Some towns just seem to care enough about the quality of life of their citizens to build hiking, biking, and walking paths. Duarte is one of them. (Yorba Linda and Claremont are two more.)

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  1. Glenn Crider

    Just got back from this ride. It is a very nice tree lined route, mainly flat with only a few street crossings and the cars that went past did stop for me even though there was no stop sign. There were a number of others out at this hour (8am – 9am), mostly pedestrians walking thier dogs, pushing strollers, a few on bikes but not too busy. Yes, short, but good to try out if you are in the area.


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