Santa Monica & Venice


From the Marina North to Sunset

Santa Monica
Sand, sun, glamour . . .

You’ve seen this stretch of beach in hundreds of movies and TV shows: folks on inlines and boards (both skate and surf) as well as bicycles, the flashy Marina and the oddities of Venice.

The path is about 8.5 miles, north from Washington Blvd., to Temescal Cyn Rd. Access is continuous.

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There’s lots to do besides just riding bikes . . .

Viewer Comment:
“Many more rollerbladers are now using the path. Rentals of the wide, 3 wheel bikes are becoming more difficult to get around. Pedestrians & joggers now seem to shun running on the grass and also use the bikepath, many times in large groups. The minimally posted signs mean nothing. In lieu of building a beach club for everyone except for the people of Santa Monica, why not spend the money on widening the bikepath and posting more signs. Put officers out there to issue tickets. I see huge revenue potential here.”

Connect to South Bay trail
on the other side of the Marina.

Above: North end of path, where the Palisades rise;
Below: Nearing the South end, in Venice.

And don’t forget – we’re not far from Hollywood. (They’re shooting something over there . . . )