Legg Lake Park

Whittier Dam Recreation Area

Legg Lake
So many pretty spots to take a break, take a nap.

Less than 5 miles total, flat and easy, the bike path goes not only around the lake, but wends its way through the park, which is green and pretty, with water, picnic tables, restrooms, golf courses, softball fields, etc.

Access is continuous, all along the path, which is not really set off from the surrounding park.

A stone’s throw away, you can join the Rio Hondo or San Gabriel River trail.

Thos Guide, pp 636-7.

The lake is undeniably photogenic in the autumn.

»» It used to be fun to be timed biking various routes around the lake. I believe it was not allowed back in 1963-1965, but we went there during the season when hardly anyone else was there. When one of the lakes was dried out we could walk to the island and pretend we were somewhere in the Pacific. — Bruno Dohle

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  1. Adrienne Cardiel

    Hello my cousin and I just walked this path. Just what do you mean by “less than five miles?” Is this more than the 2.4 listed on the national geo website or is this between 4 and five miles? Many thanks!


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