Orange Line Busway

The San Fernando Valley Commuter Corridor

Orange Line
Follow the big Orange Metro bus!

With a few breaks, this path parallels the new Orange Line Busway across the Valley, and,
as you can see, ties in nicely with the Sepulveda Dam path.

Thomas Guide, pp. 530-32, 562.

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Orange Line Intro
It’s not very scenic, and since it’s interrupted by cross streets and traffic lights every few blocks, it’s hardly a “destination” bike path. On the other hand, if you’re using it as a commuter or transportation route, why wouldn’t you just hop on the Orange Line bus? (You can store your bike in one of the handy lockers, or take it with you on the bus – they all have racks on front.)
Anyway, it’s there and it’s well-lit and nicely-maintained, so far.

Just west of Sepulveda, the bike path dips down to join a service road to get under the 405; but when it comes up on the other side is gets to the prettiest section – curvy, with trees, grass, and benches – this the mile or so between Balboa and Sepulveda.

Curvy Section
Dip Under Sepulveda

Above:Path dips to go under Sepulveda. Left: The prettiest section of the path.
And here’s where you can link up with the Sepulveda Dam bike path.

Link to Sepulveda Dam Bike Path

One of the Orange Line Stations
Where the Path Crosses Woodley


  1. Richard Pollak

    Alas, I haven’t ridden the busway path yet. You’ll find the explanation at my most recent post:

    I’m staying in Burbank while my wife performs in 33 Variations at the Ahmanson. Getting to the busway is easy, but finding a bike to rent has proved less so. Can you help me? I’m looking for a shop that is close to the busway.

    Thanks for the hearing.


    • Scott

      Yelp shows 20 places to rent bikes in LA and the closest to Burbank seems to be:

      2750 Colorado Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90041
      Neighborhood: Eagle Rock

      2. Cycleworx
      5003 York Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90042
      Neighborhood: Highland Park

  2. Mark Gordon

    I took this route for the first time from Studio City to Topanga Canyon. It was great to enjoy the ride and not worry about cars. i only hope L.A. gets more bike friendly a la Copenhagen.

  3. Ken Avchen

    While good in intention , this bike path SUCKS! Bicyclists ALWAYS get a red light even when the cars going same direction have green. Cyclists MUST press the button to get a green, and then must wait a very long time for all ways of car traffic to go first before the cyclist gets a green to go. This path descriminates AGAINST CYCLISTS! It actually is dangerous because it encourages cyclist to run the light.The light pattern needs to change for this to be of help to biking.

  4. sitbone

    i ride the orange line bike path from woodland hills to north hollywood and back often. its a 23 + mile round trip and it has been previously stated the lights are a pain in the ass. i ride at 4:30 in the morning so i can jump most of the lights when i see there is no cross traffic. if you’re taking the underpass at balboa ave. in the dark, slow down and have a good bike light. sometimes there is garbage, tree branches and homeless under there. it would be great if this dedicated path would link up with some others.

    • YD

      Hi sitbone,

      I’m actually hoping to take the same route:

      I live in hollywood, work in woodland hills.

      Is taking this route something I can just do immediately (returning to cycling after 10+ years) or if some kind of build-up period is needed? Is it appropriate to use a cruiserish urban commuter bike or does it need something more intense?

  5. JP

    This path is very good from North Hollywood to Lassen Street now. The main problem as most have pointed out is the street lights. Obviously, the person that designed where the light button is located has never ridden a bike and tried to get to a light button. Also there is often glass on the path from people throwing bottles and it is never cleaned up until it has been picked up by bike tires. There are often goathead thorns that cause lots of flat tires. The gardners are totally unaware of them and often blow or rake them onto the bike path. However, with all that said, it beats riding on the street with the crazy drivers. Why doesn’t this city realize they need to make more pike paths and not bike lanes that provide no safety what so ever.

  6. tom0826

    Going West, I remember the bike path ending at Variel Ave.

    Since the Orange Line has recently been extended North via Canoga Ave. Do any of you know if the bike path has also been extended?

  7. sergesret

    Rode the extension Today and it’s basically got all the good points and bad points of the original section. The only thing not finished was the traffic light on Lassen to let you safely link up to the Train Station/Brown’s Creek. Anyway, it may not be perfect, but I live near it so it’s my default if the SFV isn’t sweltering or I don’t want to take the time haul my trike to one of the other trails.

  8. Viv

    I often ride the Orange line bike path and am loving the extended path up to Chatsworth station. I either ride the Orange line back or I take the street closest to Chatsworth station — sorry I don’t remember the name. I take it heading east to Winnetka. I turn right on Winnetka to head back to the Orange line bike path. It’s a great route since I don’t have to back track. I essentially ride a square route and the Winnetka route doesn’t have as many stops. I do turn left on Hart off Winnetka and take that residental street that runs parallel to the Orange line bike route and turn right on White Oak to connect back up with the bike route. White Oak has a bike path along the street. I can only handle all the stops one way so it’s a great diverstion back to where I started.

  9. Cinque

    I’m done with this bike path. Others have already pointed out the flaws, but I must reiterate how messed up the glass situation is. I had to make a few trips out to Reseda and I literally got 3 flats last week from riding the path to there from the NoHo station. The last time I got a flat before that was 6 months ago. I use Gatorskin tires too and probably ride an average of 25 miles a day through ragged city streets in LA. Unreal.

    • BC


      I reported your complaint to MTA, they forwarded it to LA Bureau of Street Services, who has responded with a request for the problem locations. Can you please say where the glass or other problems are?

  10. Robert Abooey

    I ride the OLBP quite often, including the new extension to the Chatsworth Train Station.

    I would rate it as OK, but nothing great.

    The best part of the original (East-West) OLBP IMO is the part from White Oak on the West to Woodley on the East end. It is best to ride through the Sepulveda Dam parks fairly early in the morning before it gets too crowded with people who don’t respect cyclists on the bike path and you have to constantly dodge pedestrians.

    The new North-South extension (MOLE or Metro Orange Line Extension) is a little better than the East-West path IMO. It is new and not as crowded with pedestrians who don’t know to walk to the right side of the path and walk in the middle of the bike section (which drives me crazy!).

    The comments about the people who designed the OLBP not being cyclists is spot on. For the life of me I don’t understand why they don’t put the walk buttons within easy reach of us cyclists. It would have been so easy to do.

    Final comment: there is a VERY dangerous blind curve on the East end of the Canoga Avenue station. I have to slow down considerably when I approach this curve so I don’t run into a pedestrian or other cyclist heading in the opposite direction. This part of the OLBP is very poorly designed and needs to be changed before someone gets seriously hurt and MTD gets sued.

    • Maritza Maldonado

      That’s exactly what happened to me, the bicyclist hit me from behind, nocked me down, Broke my shoulder, I have bruises and scratches all over my body, The Police didn’t show up the guy took off and no one wants to be responsible.

  11. MZ

    The Orange Line bike path now runs all the way from Canoga and Devonshire south to join the rest of the path at Canoga and Victory.

  12. Lynda

    This is my second time taking this bike path. I agree with the above post. The traffic lights are a pain in the butt. I also got mixed up with the path once I approached balboa park.
    The thought was nice but a few changes would make it better. I don’t think any changes will come.

  13. Steve

    I’m kinda surprised at the comments. Coming from NYC/NJ, I really appreciate not having to compete with cars, potholes and pedestrians popping out unexpectedly. For such a dense and heavy traffic area, I’m willing to put up with the lights here n there. And once you get to the park, you can lap in and around it as long as you like without stopping. I’m impressed and I expect things will improve as time goes on.

  14. David

    Hello everyone! I’m confused. Can someone tell me how they’re riding from Woodland Hills to NoHo?? Are you riding on the Orange Line Bike Path or the actual Orange Line Bus Way??? I tried following the bike path via google maps and it looks like it breaks around Oxnard and White Oak then continues on Victory. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  15. Vanessa

    Hi there! What can we do about the safety of the path in Van Nuys/East of Lake Balboa Park? I’d like to bike from Winnetka to the NoHo Red Line station, but as a woman biking alone and issues with encampments, alcohol and substance use, and lack of security along the path, I’m just a bit hesitant to use the path as often as I’d like.

    • Lola

      If you mind your business no one is going to bother you. Most of those people are just trying to survive and have no interest or reason to bother with you.



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