Thompson Creek

The Northeastern Corner of L. A. County

Thompson Wash
Short & sweet.

The creek (or wash) is only a concrete-lined ditch at this point; but the City of Claremont has landscaped a creekside park with an inviting bike path, benches, water, etc. The path runs less than 3 miles, and south of Base Line it may be locked off, but Puddingstone isn’t far to the southwest, or else go south past the Botanic Gardens and onto the campus of the Claremont Colleges to get a longer ride.

Thomas Guide page 571.

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Like Duarte and Yorba Linda, the City of Claremont has invested in the quality of life of its inhabitants by installing this pleasant little walking & biking path alongside the wash.

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  1. Constance Condit

    Very pleasant, short and hilly ride through park-like trees. Keep speed down, lots of walkers and some protruding tree roots. We ride recumbent trikes up Mountain, through the path and then turn around and repeat. Good downhill high-speed ride via either Mountain or Mills on the other end.


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