Lower San Gabriel River Trail


From Lakewood to the Ocean

Lower San Gabriel
Has some unique and surprising features . . .

This is the last 10 miles or so of the San Gabriel, from Lakewood to the Pacific, where the river marks the boundary between Long Beach and Seal Beach. It’s easily the prettiest stretch of the entire river trail, not only because the concrete river lining is replaced by rocks and plants as the river nears the ocean, but also because the best parks – large, such as El Dorado, and small, such as Liberty Park – most of them well-maintained and inviting, dot its banks.

This trail has connections: you can branch off to the northeast about six miles from the ocean, and follow the Coyote Creek trail; or, if you don’t mind cutting through a bit of heavy auto traffic, veer westward and pick up the Long Beach Shoreline Trail; or ride down the coast a few miles toward Huntington Beach and pick up Bolsa Chica.

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Like all the area river trails, there are long straight sections with few distractions. The best part of the trail, though, are the parks, such as El Dorado and Liberty.