Brown Creek

Brown Creek
Least scenic bike path of the lot!

Easy ride; no hills. Total length about 2 miles. No parks, just a couple of small rest areas; the neighborhood is part light industrial and commercial, and part residential, with horses, dogs, etc. Frankly, it’s a dry, dusty, ugly, typical Los Angeles style, concrete-lined ditch, and not very highly recommended, unless you’re into gangs and graffitti. (But see below, for a contra view.)
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Purple triangles mark access points. Simi Valley (118) Fwy, De Soto Ave exit; Thomas Guide, page 500.

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The picture speaks for itself.(It does not say "welcome")

The “gangs and grafitti” comments are overdone. I ride this path at night regularly, and it feels quite safe. Carry enough light to see your way since it can be pretty dark. Okay! Okay! It’s not much to look at in the daytime, but this path has a lot of potential. It should be extended along the existing flood control channel through the west valley to the Sepulveda basin area as an alternative to quiet through streets like Chase or Hart for east/west bike transit. . . . Dwight


  1. Craig

    It’s called the Browns Creek Trail, and it is a good place to see a rural Valley neighborhood, they way it used to be. Scenic, no grafitti or crime, friendly horses and goats you can pet. This trail connects to the Metrolink Station, and soon it will connect to the extended Orange Line Bike Path.

  2. Mark

    Rode it last night and other than the restaurant workers on bikes as well, there were no rec riders save for one…
    Filthy, gang crap on walls and littered with rubbish, don’t a pleasant ride make!
    These should all be connected in the northwest valley, many access roads line these “creeks”, why not put them to good use? There is no seemless answer yet for a true bike alternative without interfacing with cars.

  3. sergesret

    Maybe it’s because I ride a recumbent trike but the primary problem with this trail is tree roots. There are about a dozen places where the asphalt is severely buckled. Other than that I kinda liked it. Highlight was a cute little pony being led on the side of the trail near some stables. If they fix the tree roots this makes a nice extension to the Orange Line Trail for those in the mood for something more rustic.

    • sergesret

      Repaved! Pavement now perfect! Awesome extension North to a ride on the Orange Line Bikeway. Street crossings a bit awkward, especially Devonshire but it is what it is. Cute ponies still appear to live next to the trail. At the end it looks like they might be building a connector for peds and bikes to the East to hook up with the bike lanes on Rinaldi. We’ll see. But had a nice ride Today despite the Santa Ana winds.

  4. Mark

    Back again, and riding it most days, many nights. A repaving was just concluded. Much nicer ride now, could be even better if smokers don’t throw their butts down at rest areas.

  5. Mark

    Some moron had gates installed at the entry points, often locals close them half-way, reducing the options for mixed-use of these points at the same time. It also requires an adjustment to speed and angle. Contractors made some $$$…

  6. Bernard Kirzner

    I think it’s a nice extension of the Orange Line’s dedicated bike path up Canoga Blvd from Victory. The Orange Line path is all exposed without any cover, the Brown Creek path has several covered parts.
    I especially liked that it ends a block west of where Rinaldi starts. It can be taken East all the way to the 405 Freeway with a Bike Lane along a great, moderate level hilly ride up and down Rinaldi.

  7. Neal Cassady

    This path is great. Its still old chatsworth with m enjoy walking it. Murals and horses and the occational speed freak, but on a sunny day with the breeze in the trees, its like going back to 1975.
    Also, easy to smoke a jay and wander the path.


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