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Questions About a Particular Path?

If you have a question about a certain LA Bike Path, then leave your question on that particular path, where people are much more likely to see it and answer than they are here. You can get to every path from the menu at the top of the page.

If you have general questions about bicycling in Los Angeles, or about a particular bike path we might not have listed, or about bike repair, or about “the best way to get from “point A to point B” then please leave your questions below or our Facebook page and perhaps someone can answer you…


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  1. Tiana

    I will be moving back over the hill to Santa Monica! But I will still need to travel to Woodland Hills a few times a week.

    Anyone familiar with any good bike paths? Maybe Sepulveda pass, PCH… please help me out!

    P.S. I am a novice cyclist, so the simplest route would be the most helpful. Thank you!

  2. Bryan

    LA river bike path?

    I’ve been looking on the site for a while now and cant seem to find a proper map of the trail!!??

    Where can i enter/exit etc.

    why the hell is this so hard to find? Shouldnt this be the EASIEST thing to locate?

    1. Scott Post author

      The pulldown on the left – LA River Bike Path – Goes here where it says this:

      Access is at each end, and above the golf course. You can ride the river trail in one direction, then make a loop by going back through Griffith Park, along Crystal Springs Rd

      Lower LA River is here and it says:

      Enter this trail by coming down the Rio Hondo to where it joins the L.A. River.

  3. Steve Loeppky

    I am an out of towner who is hoping to get around LA for a few days on bike. Where do you suggest I rent a bike from? I’m hoping to avoid just standard beach boardwalk bikes.

  4. DT Harder

    I am coming heading to Long Beach for work in February. I live in the St. Louis, MO area. I am thinking about bringing my bike. Can I take the PCH from LAX to downtown Long Beach? Based on the maps I have looked at, it appears that it is possible. Since I am not from the area, I am a little concerned about possible “sketchy” neighborhoods though. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

  5. Robert


    Going to be visiting LA in April (Disney Land) and was planning to bring my bike to do some riding (by the ocean if possible). Looking for some good routes by the water for a road bike that are near Anaheim.


  6. Donna

    Want to park in a decent area in order to start the river path in long beach by shoreline drive
    Ike there is a “santa cruz ” park can you par k your car there?
    If not where can I park to start around that area

  7. Sue Roberts

    We are traveling down the coast from Watsonville, California to Malibu on our bicycles in July and will arrive at Malibu Bluffs State Park on July 12. Some of us want to continue from there to Redondo Beach. Can you give us directions from Malibu Bluffs to the access point of the South Bay bike trail in Santa Monica? Or is there another bike trail closer to the Bluffs that will give us access to the South Bay bike trail?
    Thank you!
    Sue Roberts

  8. Jennydonut

    You can pick up the beach bike path in the parking lot of will Rogers state beach, and take that to Venice pier. The path ends a few meters after the pier, so you’ll need to take a left on Washington blvd, travel approximately a mile. Just before Oxford st you will see Marvin braude bike path on your right. This path snakes around the marina and rejoins you with the coastal path that goes all the way to redondo.

  9. kendrafied

    Hey there bike peeps,

    Is there a descent way to ride my bike from Playa Del Rey to downtown Long Beach? It appears this is possible, just wondered if anyone had a fav – I’ve to Torrance Beach where the path ends, but not sure where to go from there.

    Thank you,

  10. Mark Overturf

    On the evening of April 17th, I was riding along the Orange Line bike Path. Just west of Fulton (LAVC) a tree had fallen over and blocked the entire bike path – east bound, west bound, and the pedestrian path. The only way around was to dismount and wade through the shrubbery on the side. I called 311 the next day to report the tree and the operator refused to do anything because she said that she needed a street name. Orange Line bike path wouldn’t go in the computer. Is there a formal name for the Orange Line bike path? Thanks

  11. LiQiang Gong

    I’m moving to So. CA, I will work in Glendale CA, but may find an apt. in Silver lake, I would like commuting to work by bike, Is there a bike trail or not a busy street from Silver lake to Glendale?


  12. chris

    Hey there, I live in Long Beach & am looking for a cool campground destination somewhere near the inland end of the bike path. Has anyone camped up there?
    I have a couple kids that could probably handle riding a ways up river from LBC, but I don’t think we could make it home. I like the idea of packing our stuff for an overnighter. does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  13. Santi

    People! I need help.

    On wednesday I am planning to go from LB to Los Angeles biking, of course.. But after several researches, I did not see any bike path that tahkes you to Downtown LA from LB? Is it that true or I just don’t find it?

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Matt

    Santi, You can take the Los Angeles River path from Long Beach north. At Imperial Highway, cross to the other side and continue. The path ends at Atlantic Blvd, so from there you’ll have to ride on surface streets.

  15. paul dong

    I am planning to bike along the trail along Fwy 605. Where can I access to these, or to park my car?


  16. Heldin

    This might be a silly question but are motorized scooters or mopeds allowed on these pathways? Just purchased one and I would like to know if I can ride it on these pathways.

  17. sitbone

    No Heldin, no type of motorized bikes or mopeds are allowed on the “Bicycle Path” I’ve seen motorized skateboards but do not bring a motorcycle of any type to the party. Too fast too dangerous.

  18. Sammy911

    Hello all, i just purchased a dahom folding bike.. Loving it. Question please. I live in pasadena and commute to van nuys nxt to the GA airport. Would like to ride a couplle of times a week. Would welcome suggestions about how i might acccomplish this.

  19. Gary

    I am going to start commuting by bicycle from LA Union Station to Alcoa Ave in Vernon. I see what Google Maps gives me for their bike info but was wondering if it’s possible to follow the LA River this far south or if this is even a “safe” ride? Can someone help me out. Am new to LA region.

    Thanks so much!

  20. Laura

    I’m a novice biker and have just started taking the bus and biking to work. i ride all the way home but keep taking heavily trafficed streets or getting behind smelly buses. Any suggestions about the best route from Los Felix to Pico-Robertson area by bike? I’ve discovered Fountain has a cycling lane and there are lots of easy riding streets through Hancock. It’s the Los Felix/Hollywood area that has me stumped.

  21. gary

    are pedestrians, runners, pedestrians with dogs on leashes, legally permitted to use class 1 bike paths in the city and county of los angeles?
    if the answer is no are there any enforcement or education efforts?

    1. Scott Post author

      According to the next commenter, “Class 1 Bike Paths, unless adjacent to an adequate pedestrian facility, are for use by both bike riders and pedestrians”

  22. Debra

    Class 1 Bike Paths, unless adjacent to an adequate pedestrian facility, are for use by both bike riders and pedestrians.

  23. babab

    Do you know the speed limit on the Marvin Braude bike trail? I swear I’ve seen it posted as 10 or 12 mph, either on signs or painted on the pavement, but I went out looking this time and couldn’t find it.

  24. Mr. Atheist

    Where can I find a map of the Dominguez Creek Bike Path. I rode on it this morning from El Camino College to the Hawthorne Airport and then it just stopped. I don’t understand how it is marked as 14 miles. I can’t find a map or anything on this. I guess I can google it, but I assumed it would have been listed here.

    It would be nice to hit StubHub on the bike and the idea of a path is appealing. Help?

  25. davis

    i find that all the river bike sites suck.
    nobody has a map of access points along the river routes.
    in particular, LA river in long beach area.

  26. Sarah

    I am planning on getting a weak moped and was wondering if I can drive it on bike paths/bike lanes in LA. I have a few disabilities and am currently not allowed to drive a car, nor can I walk more than a block or two and I am trying to find the best way to get around. If I can’t use a slow moped does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Christo

      No motorized vehicles, old school mopeds with pedals are usually 2 stroke and make all kinds of offensive exhaust fumes.
      Perhaps you would be better off with an Ebike, they are usually limited to 20mph speed limit.

  27. Noobius


    I am a new longboarder looking to try a path in the L.A area. I am in the San Fernando valley and willing to drive a bit for a nice path. I’m looking for something flat with a smooth enough pave for a longboard/skateboard and without too much traffic so I won’t have to freak out constantly about dodging people. Scenery isn’t a priority. Any suggestions?

  28. xxPaulCPxx

    My kids use the Coyote Creek / San Gabriel River bike paths to get to school in Los Alamitos, they get on at Lincoln. When it rains, I understand locking the gates for safety… but how do we know if they are locked or unlocked?

    What is the criteria for locking and unlocking the gates, and how long after a rain does it take to get the gates open again?

    Is there any notification system I can look up?

  29. Chris K.

    *where are the entrancesto the section of the San Gabriel River river between the 405 frwy and 7th st. or the 22 ?

  30. Doug

    No Sarah, you cannot. Motorized vehicles are prohibited from using bike paths/lanes. Plus, the fumes and noise and safety hazards makes them highly unpopular to everyone else using those lanes. Sorry, I don’t have a suggestion for an alternative since I don’t know your situation, but I know city buses tend to be an option as well as shuttles, depending on where you live.

  31. Joan Lluis Hereter

    We’re travelling with kids (9 and 12) and looking for the best way to bike from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica. Is there a specific bike path or bike line? How safe is biking in LA if there are no bike paths or lines?
    Thank you !!


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