Upper Santa Ana River

The Premier Bike Trail in the Los Angeles Area

Upper Santa Ana

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the major Southern California River has the finest bikeway. The route is paved as far upriver as Featherly Cyn Park, and wends through pleasant residential neighborhoods as well as beautiful nature preserves on its way to the sea, about 30 miles away. In Yorba Linda, there’s lovely Yorba Regional Park, with lakes, picnic area, etc. Just above Imperial Hwy, a wooden bridge carries the bike route over to the southeast bank of the river, as it continues downstream. [See Lower Santa Ana trail.]

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  1. Louise Legg

    PLEASE help! If ANYONE found a blue, Kodak digital camera hanging up in the porta potty by Imperial Hwy on the Santa Ana Bike Trail on 3/27/11, PLEASE call me! This is our 14 year old son’s camera, and I LOST it! I feel terrible and am asking for whoever found it, to find it in their heart to call me and return it. It has family photos on it. This was our son’s FIRST bike ride on his new bike, and we took photos of him.

    PLEASE call 951-272-1682 and ask for Louise Legg…or email me at [email protected]. All of our hearts are broken right now. A GREAT day ended so sadly because of my stupidity, and I am his mom!!

    PLEASE HELP! DO the right thing and return it. The photos would not mean anything else to anyone else!

    We bought the camera for our son as a xmas present, so PLEASE think how you would feel.

    Thank you. Louise.

  2. Queta Nates

    Come on guys!, Greed is bad for you. Cameras are cheap nowdays, if you get lucky you can get them for free!.

    Do not come to this website to cry out loud because you lost a $100 dollar camera. Think this in terms of your love for America. If you shop for a new camera, you will be helping our ailing economy.

    Hope this helps!

    • Glenn Lee

      Queta, I’m not sure how a simple request to keep an eye out for a lost camera on a public forum has anything to do with a lecture on greed, patriotism and the state of economic affairs. You’re thinking in terms of dollars and (non)cents but somehow missed the idea that family photos can be irreplaceable. Maybe the camera even has sentimental value for the 14 year old. Way to be totally insensitive.

      Louise, I know it’s been over a year but I hope you found your camera.

      • Scott

        I assumed Queta’s comments were a joke, and not a “real” rant. I mean, even an idiot would understand that pictures of a kids first bike ride are irreplaceable…

  3. Robert Allen

    how do I get from the lower Santa Ana bike trail that ends at Green River Drive to the upper Santa Ana Bike trail?

    • Richard M

      Hi Robert, this website seems to refer to the section of the SART that has its northeastern terminus at Green River Road, as the “Upper Santa Ana River Trail”. However, there is another section, about 20 miles long, even farther upstream; I’m assuming you are referring to this as the “upper” section. The downstream (southwest) end of this section has two endpoints in Norco: one on “Pedley Substation Road” (search for 33.958988,-117.523134 on Google Maps), and one 300 feet north of the intersection of Arlington Ave and Hidden Valley Wildlife Area (search for 33.955551,-117.514736). These two paths merge after a quarter to half mile, and the path then heads off to the northeast, as far as Waterman Ave in San Bdno, near the 10/215 interchange.
      Now, to be honest, I have not ridden this section, but now I want to! So I can’t recommend a route from Green River to this upper section, but it looks like you’d be okay taking Green River east, left on Palisades Dr, left on Serfas Club Dr which goes under the freeway and becomes Railroad St, then left on Smith, left on Rincon (looks terrible but has sharrows), right on Corydon, which becomes Norco Dr, which becomes 6th St, then left on California, and finally right on North Dr, which becomes Arlington. You can either turn left on Pedley Substation Rd (but it has no street sign; look for Color Green Wholesale Nursery), or just go straight to Hidden Valley Wildlife Area and turn left.
      This “transition route” is almost 15 miles long, but hopefully it’s not too awful.
      Sorry for so many words, but I hope this helps!

      • Scott

        Thanks for the update and clarification, Richard!

      • R Russell

        Great trail, Upper Santa Ana needs its own section. Corona/Norco part: Railroad St detours down Pomona, and Maple is an alternative, then Lincoln to Hammer. Number streets cross the freeway, Valley View is nice to River Dr, then Eighth to Crestview. It is hard to access the Pedley Substation Road, nursery encroachment.


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