Puddingstone Reservoir

Bonelli Regional Park, San Dimas

Puddingstone Reservoir
Get away from it all!

Close enough to the San Bernardino Mts to really give you the flavor of the high country, and a nice change of pace from the beach and river trails, there are some modest hills, for a better workout than the flats. Excellent facilities: picnic tables, restrooms, water, easy parking ($6 in season, but they give you this nice map), lots of access and lots of roads to ride beside the bikepath shown. It’s about 8 miles all around, including the airport. For park info call 909.599.8411.

Thos. Guide p 600.

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Some Viewers’ Comments:

You can park for free at Brackett Field. Follow Fairplex Drive toward the
airport, and coninue until the road is closed off by gates. Park there, and ride your bike along the closed road next to the airport, into the park. The trails are wide enough for cars and in many spots are open to them, so keep your eyes and ears open.

This park is everything I dislike about LA: artificial plants, manicured lawns, essentially an artificial world. Lots of fishing,
watersports, and picnicing going on. You will roll through an RV park and a picnic expanse on your way to the path’s terminus at Raging Waters park. I won’t recommend this ride for people like me, but others may like the park-like, albeit man-made, setting. Robert Rossi [Ed. note: This is Southern California. Everything green is artificial!]

Camping — in trailers and tents — and riding — on scooters, horses, and planes, as well as bikes — it’s all part of the Puddingstone experience.

Brackett Field, Raging Waters, and the L.A. County Fairgrounds are all adjacent to Bonelli Regional Park.


On the west side of the reservoir it’s hilly, dusty (or muddy), and you may want to walk your bike for a mile or so, or switch to a horse.


  1. Dan

    It’s a nice path for beginners and great for family outings.

  2. Henry Hill

    Back in the 1950’s I remember swiming in Pudding Stone. I remember there being pottery shards all over the bottom of that lake. Can anyone explain? Thanks H Hill, [email protected]

  3. redbird

    2013: fee for one car is $10. From November to end of February, weekdays are free. There is little parking outside the facility. Nice place generally when few are there.

  4. Stuart

    This is a great area to train or learn how to ride a Mt. Bike. The loop I do starts at Norm’s Restaurant and goes around the park on mostly wide single track and double track. The total loop is about +/- 9 miles if you go around the park and around the air field. Or you can cut it short to about 4 miles. It is not very technical but there are some good hills that make this great for training when you cannot get out too far.

    This is boring for some but a great ride for others, depending on experience and desire. More experienced riders should consider the Marshall Canyon Ride.

    This ride has very little shade so plan on exposure and bring lots of water. There is a small store at the RV park with Gatorade that we seem to always forget about.

    Eat breakfast at the restaurant for good measure. It’s good and you can see the planes land and take off. Really nice folks.

    Stuart Merida

    • Billy Proulx

      The closed Norms is in Claremont is that were you start. If so that loop is a lot more than 9miles.

      • Rich

        No, it’s called Norm’s Hanger at Bracket field on McKinley east of Fairplex. It’s now 2017 and it’s still a good place to start from. Ride on the closed road to and through East Shore RV’s F Loop to the path on the other side of it to continue.

        • Rich

          oops I meant west of Fairplex.


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