Lower Los Angeles River

The Lario Trail, From Lynwood to Long Beach


The outlook is good that some day a bike path will run alongside the L.A. River, from the San Fernando Valley, past downtown all the way to the ocean. As yet, though, this part, called the Lario Trail, and Griffith Park are the only completed sections.

Enter this trail by coming down the Rio Hondo to where it joins the L.A. River. (From the top of the Rio Hondo trail to the ocean is a 28-mile class-I ride). From the confluence of the two rivers, you’ll ride due south, through some of the least desirable cycling land scape you’d find anywhere. Some viewers advise: Don’t plan on stopping for flats, water, finding restrooms, etc. and don’t go alone.

For another visual perspective on this trail and Rio Hondo, visit Dan Slater’s Lario Photos on his excellent Southern California Bicycle Trails web site.

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Some Viewers’ Comments:
»» A couple of the L.A. River underpasses usually have water and crud in them and I have encountered logs and sticks etc probably put there by some idiots who want to see if they can bust up somebody. Be careful going under the darker underpasses. It’s a good idea to lift your dark glasses before entering – that way you can see any obstructions; some of the underpasses are very dark.

»» I tried to ride the [Lario] trail a few weeks ago and ran into a very formidable barrier in Pico Rivera. I traveled east on the surface street and picked up the LA River trail. There’s something that looks like a very permanent barrier across the path! — Bob Wridley

Above: One of the strange barricades along the way.
Left: pretty little Hollydale Park, in South Gate.

It’s true that there’s lots of construction going on along the trail — in North Long Beach there does appear to be an impassible barrier. Up around South Gate though, you can see where some of the work is already completed, and it looks great! So clean and neat — not a shopping cart in sight!

Lario is a trail of contrasts — the typical “river of lost shopping carts” in some areas, almost like another world under the soaring freeway overpasses, and almost rural and serene in others.


  1. Robert

    Can I ride my bike from Willow St. to Rosecrans Ave. on the Los Angeles River bike path?

    • Richard Maru

      Robert, I haven’t been there for several months, but I have ridden this trail many many times over several years.

      If the Rosecrans Ave you are asking about is in Paramount, just south of the 105 freeway, then the answer is yes, the path does include the stretch from Willow to Rosecrans. This bike path goes all the way from Imperial Hwy (where the Rio Hondo meets the LA River) to Long Beach Harbor, a stretch of about 12 miles. It is possible to go farther upstream on the Lario trail, by crossing the bridge at Imperial, but you enter some VERY undesirable neighborhoods.

      During periods of heavy rains, such as the past couple of weeks, CalTrans may close the bike path because the river becomes dangerous

    • Juan Garcia

      Yes, you can ride from Willow to Rosecrans.

  2. Eric Sevilla

    Awesome trail, ride it from Florence Ave, down to The Pike in Long Beach. Takes me and my wife about 2 hours to do.

  3. Steve

    Fairly clean, and a nice way to get down to the Long Beach/San Pedro area. Rode down there to see the USS Iowa yesterday. Several parks, larged and small, along the way. Recommend staying off Alameda when you get off as there’s lots of glass and assorted rubble.

  4. Gordon

    Lynwood to Long Beach:

    Since I am not familiar with the greater Los Angeles area, I am having difficulty in locating Lynwood where this section of the bike path starts.
    Is Lynwood a street? Looking at the Google map, it looks as though the path starts next to the El Monte Airport but I could not find Lynwood there.

    Your assistance would be very much appreciated.


  5. Tom

    How good it the current condition of the Lario bike trail? I live in Seal Beach and am thinking about riding the Beach bike path to the Lario path then north until I get to Spring Street, then side streets to my office in Bixby Knolls? Is anyone doing that. I’m thinking about doing that three times a week for my work commute. Is the trail clean and safe…am I susceptible to flats?
    Thanks for the info.

  6. HUGO

    Yes, all entrances and path are clean and you can use your bikes or just go for a jog!

  7. leyna

    Can anyone inform me how to access this trail to long beach from hollywood? thank you!

  8. j o'mahony

    We’re going to be in Long Beach over Christmas with my 8 yr old (who has biked 10-15 miles often)and were hoping to bike this trail. can anyone tell me
    – is it safe/suitable
    – where would we access the trail in long beach
    – about how far an we ride without having to go any distance over 3/4mile on road with lots of car traffic

  9. lincomatic

    August 2014: Despite the cautionary description above, as of this writing, the LARIO trail is in excellent and clean condition from end to end. Smooth sailing with no potholes or damaged pavement. There are sections with lots of black painted squares, covering lots of former graffiti. On a recent Saturday, I encountered fellow cyclists, families walking with their kids, babies, a small group of mini moto riders, and birding photographers with fancy equipment. Maybe 1 or 2 completely unthreatening homeless people. It’s kind of barren in the Rio Hondo section, but green, with lots of birds in the LA River section, especially as you approach Long Beach.

  10. Karen

    This is great to know because I love riding my Beach Cruisers Huntington Beach to Long Beach. Nothing like having fun in the sun on a nice day. I also just purchased a really nice bike from https://www.calibicycles.com they have some really nice bikes.

  11. R Russell

    Not a bad trail to ride, but it does end at Atlantic Ave. From there, you can take District, to Downey Road, then Grande Vista to Eighth, which goes to Boyle. You are pretty close to Downtown LA here. If you take Soto instead, to Morengo near USC Medical Center, Daly goes to Ave 26, and Figeroa does connect to the Upper LA River bike trail.

  12. Randy

    I’ll be visiting in the Long Beach area and am trying to find a safe way to get across the L.A. river on a bike. Which bridge is the most bike friendly near the south end of the river?

  13. mr jimi

    I found the 3rd missing Baum Bicycle Bridge bronze plaque in the LA river Saturday morning.

    [email protected]

    • Scott

      Wow, did you really? Cool – got a picture we can share on our Facebook page?

  14. Quest

    I like to loop the Lower LA River and Lower San Gabriel River trails. You can cross at Durfee Ave/ San Gabriel Bl in Montebello and in Long Beach you can take Bay Shore-2nd Street through Naples, which makes a full loop of about 53 miles. Adding side paths like Rio Hondo, Upper San Gabriel, and Coyote Creek and you can easily get in 70 or 80 miles if not more. Not the prettiest landscape for the most part, but there is only about 2 miles where you’re dealing with cars.


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