Long Beach

Shoreline Drive, Belmont Shore, Queen Mary

Long Beach
So pleasant! Unfortunately, not long enough.

The only shortcoming of this ride is that it’s too short! It passes by some of the more interesting sights in the LA area: the Port of Long Beach, the Queen Mary, cutesy little Shoreline Village and Lagoon and the adjacent Convention Center. To the east is the attractive Belmont Shore area as well as Naples, with its canals and ersatz gondolas. A few blocks further east, you’ll be at the mouth of the San Gabriel River (tho’ unfortunately it’s hard going through some heavy highway traffic to connect to that trail).

Thos Guide pp 825, 826.

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  1. teri

    This is a great trail for family with young kids. It is never crowded. The scenary is nice. We have been riding this path for year now. We usually stop at Shoreline Village for ice cream or end up at the aquarium and spend a couple of hours there before riding back.

  2. jennifer

    Love this trail. Lovely views, nice breeze off the ocean. Only one draw back and or nice thing is there are lots of people walking along side on the weekends. Can’t go too fast because of all the kids coming and going.:)

  3. slver

    This distance is perfect for rollerblading but if you are biking, I suggest you make the connection to the LA River trail and continue North a few more miles in order to get a good workout.

  4. Michael Walker

    I love this path……..i have been riding it for 4 weeks now and just love it more and more

  5. thomas dobias

    yes this past saturday august 16th 2011 i rode my bike twards the santa fe dam
    era ok but the rest stops dont have water stations of fresh drinking water thats
    well needed of the san gabriel rive trail it gets hot ridding out there so water
    and food station to buy food and water would be nice and why isnt the san gabriel
    river trails arnt patroled by the los angeles sheriff,s dept on bikes or horse back
    that would make the bike trails safer dont you think i do i want tobe safe ridding
    my bike. thank you thomas dobias age 58

  6. thomas dobias

    the rest eras with some kind of sank bar would be nice after a long ride would be
    an welcome sight for us ridders who ride our bikes this summer & spring time
    even in the fall and winter when the weater is warm i would travel the bike
    trails more if the rest stops had fresh water and food and places to lock up
    your bikes. its a simple idea please look into it for 2012 its a good idea.
    and having the trails patroled by the sheriff,s or park rangers would be
    welcome too

  7. Matthew

    The bike path looks fun, I have ridden along shorline drive but that’s about it. I look forward to the ride, anyone know the best place to park to offload the bikes?

  8. The Boldings

    Loved this path! North for 4 miles, then back down south and around shoreline to breakfast. So much fun but I’d appreciate if someone could clean then prevent all the glass on our path east on 6th street under the freewAy. Maybe we will buy our pup some boots…?
    Loved it and so did the family.

  9. Sir Gotalot

    where is number 1 on the Los Angeles river bike path? 50.75 is at the entrance to Long Beach area. How long on average does the entire trip taqke for a novis- experienced rider? I ride from 10- 20 miles a day round trip from Watts to the shore at Long Beach would like to do the entire 50.75 listed on the path some day

  10. Sir Gotalot

    follow up question is the entrie 50_ miles all connected ?

  11. J Solorio

    Had a good time with my wife and kids on this trail, nice and clean trail, now they have a pedestrian lane on the side of the bike trail. Good deal

  12. Mike

    Am I missing something? All I see is a google map of the entire LA/So Cal area.

    • darkjen

      Tap the “+” on the map a few times to see the trails marked in red.

  13. margherita

    Hi, I would like to know is there are dedicated lanes to bicycles in L A? and if it is enjoyable moving with this vehicle. Thanks for your help. cheers


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