Bolsa Chica

Huntington Beach

Bolsa Chica
Wetlands on one side and ocean on the other.

One of the best places to ride in California, and you can link to it from any direction: west (Long Beach/ Lower San Gabriel), north (Santa Ana River) or south (Newport Beach, Balboa, etc.).

Thos. Guide pp 826, 857, 888.

The path is well-maintained, but do watch out for the pedestrians! And don’t forget to stop and take an occasional break.


  1. dan

    Don’t belive the bikepaths are for us cyclist anymore. I can’t ride more then a few minutes for a 2 hours ride without walkers or runners across both lanes going all sorts of directions. Then the stroller pushers, skate boarders and everybody else going every which way. It’s pretty darn hard to just ride anymore. I’m starting to think it’s better on the streets with cars.

  2. slver

    Dan, you are right. I wish they would post more warning signs that alert pedestrians that this is a bike path and not a sidewalk. Also, the path is wide enough to paint a separate designated path for pedestrians that separate them from the riders like they do in Long Beach. But although LB may be more rider friendly, HB is a greater distance. So it is just a matter of preference, speed or distance. The best time to do HB is non-summer weekdays, if you can make that time.

  3. Peter

    Huntington Beach Bike Trail, I believe, is a shared-use trail. So you do have to give way to pedestrians. If you’re looking for a faster ride with fewer distractions, PCH has a bike lane from Warner to Goldenwest which can keep you from dodging pedestrians.

    That said, I usually take the beach trail from Warner to Goldenwest to enjoy the scenery and then hop on PCH (which has an intermittent bike lane) to skip most of the pedestrian traffic around the pier. I hop back on the beach trail usually at Beach Boulevard unless it’s a big weekend. In that case, I’ll stay on PCH all the way down to Brookhurst Street and either get back on the beach trail or cut through the parking lot to get to the Santa Ana River trail.

  4. AC in Bell

    yes ,signs would be nice ,i live right by the l.a. river trail and people take their dogs there and leave the droppings directly on the trail,mainly between maywood,cudahy ,south gate areas,these people dont have a clue that they need to clean up after their dogs,over the years i just learn to live with it,

    so watch out for the dog turds you guys,heads up

  5. Denise

    Road my bike from Bolsa Chica up to The Cliffs just past Dog Beach. It started to get more crowded. Headed back towards Bolsa Chica. Way less people! Very nice ride! May be best to enter Bolsa Chica at Warner Ave.!


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