Arroyo Seco


About 3 miles in all, this bike path passes through some of the oldest and most interesting Southern California neighborhoods, following the route of the Historic Horace Dobbins Cycleway (c. 1900).

An extension of the path was in the works at one time, to run next to the flood channel. Funds were reportedly committed, tho’ there have been no new developments lately.

Thomas Guide, p. 595.

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Sadly, like so many of the bike trails described here, large sections of this path are incredibly run-down, virtually junkyards.

It is a shame, too, because this strip of land already has lots of trees and open space, and with a little clean-up and concern, could be made into a wonderfully pleasant oasis right in the heart of the metropolis.



  1. Michael Harpster

    This path is posted to not allow bikes. I took a mountain bike on it occasionally but it is for walkers and horse evidently. Would be nice if paved but that is not likely.

  2. Rich

    This Path is Paved and a Bike Path is Drawn For bikes! Clean and Runs Through 3 Parks. Only Three Exits along the Path.One Near the Ostrich Farm One Near the Dog Park and one near Montecito Heights Park.

  3. Rich

    Someone Please Update this Website. There is no way you can consider this a junkyard.

    • Scott

      Why don’t you? Please! If there’s outdated info, we need your help – Jeez, I cant ride all over LA alone! 😉

      Has anyone got more info about this path? Newer photos?

  4. Paul

    The path is in decent shape. There are areas where the Arroyo will run over the path itself if there has been any kind of significant rain. It’s a great way to cover some of the distance from South Pasadena to Downtown LA.

  5. Jason

    Yes, I entered at Hermon dog park. Nice, but small path. I am exploring ways to ride to work (Los Angeles, near USC). Also looking for ride buddies,if possible.

  6. Malibanne

    I’m sorry to seem so clueless, but I can’t tell from this page where to get on this path — where to find it. The map doesn’t show the bike path, per se, just the larger L.A. area that it courses through. I also read the link to the Horace Dobbins Cycleway, but couldn’t figure out what the starting point is. I would like to ride this, and if I do I will take photos and give you guys a full review (from my perspective, which probably isn’t the same as a real clued-in cyclist’s perspective, but I can still discuss the state of the path, etc.).

    • Ruben

      Did you ever get an answer as to where to enter on the Arroyo Seco bike path? If not let me know and I will give you the enter points.

      • Scott

        Nope, I never did – Can you please reply here with the entry points?

  7. scorpionryder

    I rode this path by accident only after going north on Figueroa and spotting bike route directional sign and crossing the footbridge. Its one of the nicest paths in LA. Not sure where it starts.

    Yes, this site is wonky and outdated but better than nothing.

  8. Harvey

    This website is outdated where this bike path is concerned. I live in this neighborhood and take this path a lot. It starts at the Montecito Heights Recreation Center on the east side of the Arroyo Seco and runs north until it terminates at the horse stables at Arroyo Verde and Pasadena (under the York Blvd. bridge). The path is in no way a junk yard. It is totally paved and well maintained, and winds through LA’s oldest neighborhoods with parklands, historic bridges-architecture, and century old sycamore trees. My only complaint is that it is a little short and I often end up taking surface streets for sheer convenience.
    Hope this helps for anyone who was wondering about this trail.

    • Scott

      it would sure be nice if someone could send us some photos of this ride, to replace whats outdated here. any takers?

  9. Ric

    Here’s a picture i took from the bike path just today. http://www.dailymile.com/people/RicM/photos/248953 As you can see, it’s gorgeous in some spots. And I found it to be very clean and fairly well maintained (except for some taggers who’ve done their dirty work with the concrete river walls as their canvas. But overall very nice, and sparsely used.

  10. Kimberly

    I only just now got a bike, and found this page while looking for paths I could ride that would keep me out of traffic.

    google maps is now showing bike paths on their site. I mapped this path, so it may help others find the start/finish. The map doesn’t show the entrance at the dog park that others have already mentioned.


    If you try the 3d button next to where it says “Bicycling directions to Arroyo Seco Bike Path” in the left hand column of the google map page, you can see a trippy overhead view of the path with landmarks.

  11. Mark

    Went looking for this bike path today with my two sons. Tried starting at the Hermon Dog Park because I assumed there would be parking there. Not only is there no parking I could see, the road leading down to the park is actually the freeway onramp. We ended up driving north and that worked out. The northernmost entrance is at the horse stables/park on Arroyo Verde. Great spot to start from even though my kids freaked at the “Deliverance”-looking collection of horse trailers. (City kids!) I told them this is exactly what we were looking for…rustic/rural and few people right in the middle of the city.

    Anyway, the path is great. There was only one other bicycle rider, and a few walkers. The path is in GREAT shape and you ride next to the water. As stated above, it ends about 3 miles down at Montecito Heights Recreation Center. (North Griffin Ave). See photos:


  12. denawheels

    We rode the Arroyo Seco bike path today. To enter on the northern end, you go to the Arroyo Seco stables in South Pas. (not the San Pasqual stables, that’s where we were confused)which are by Arroyo Verde road. Walk through the park by the stables and there is a small gate that is open depending on the weather and rain conditions.

    this is the entry point to the river bike path. It gets out at a different park. I’m not sure of the name of this park, but it is off Mosher Ave in Los Angeles.

    The bike path was well maintained, except for some leaves and sticks from the previous night’s rain.

  13. Jeremy

    Went riding on this Path today. It’s not closed off to bikes and its not run down at all. In fact its a very nice path.

  14. Jeremy

    Entry point is

    1001 Arroyo Verde Rd
    South Pasadena, CA 91030

  15. Bo

    I rode this path today. It’s pretty cool, and seems clean enough. Pretty deserted. You can see the entrance from the bridge on York blvd, overlooking the 110 freeway. Easy to find from there.

    It’s a bit short, but you can follow the bike path signs until you hit Broadway going south. If you take a right on Broadway and ride until you hit Figueroa, you can take the bridge over the 5 and hit the Griffith park bike trail.

    It would be amazing if the Arroyo line was longer, or if it somehow extended up to Pasadena, or to the Griffith park path. It’s a bummer that it’s so short.

  16. MAry

    I’d love to see this path expanded in both directions. BUT the homeless are starting to camp out along side the path and sometimes it gets scary if I’m riding by myself.

  17. ricky

    We rode it for the first time today. No homeless camps. Just families and folks enjoying the springtime.


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